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Solids Control Equipment Manufacturer

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. is a solid control equipment manufacturer based in China. We can offer drilling mud system, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, drilling mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, and other related products. In addition to solid control equipment, we also supply a wide range of other equipment, including our vertical cutting dryer, oilfield decanter centrifuge, as well as our HDD and CBM mud recycling system. Our products are commonly used for petroleum oil and gas exploration, trenchless construction, coal bed gas development, geothermal projects, geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal, hydroelectric power, as well as other applications.

  • Drilling Mud System
  • Drilling Mud System Used for drilling fluid circulation, drilling mud recycling, dredged-fluid or slurry separation...
  • Shale Shaker
  • Shale Shaker First-phase solids control equipment, used for removing large solids from the drilling fluid..
  • Vacuum Degasser
  • Vacuum Degasser Equipment for removing gases from drilling fluid, regaining mud weight, stabilizing mud viscosity..
  • Drilling Mud Cleaner
  • Drilling Mud Cleaner Second class and third class solid control equipment, used for solid liquid separation...
  • Mud Tank
  • Mud Tank Designed with galvanized grating and handrail, coated with corrosive resistant zinc....
  • Mud Shear Pump
  • Mud Shear Pump Ideal solid control device, used for fast mud configuration and processing. .
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Centrifugal Pump Ideal corollary device, used for providing power for desnader, desilter and drilling jet mud mixer...
  • Vertical Cutting Dryer
  • Vertical Cutting Dryer Used for drilling waste management, use centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil. .