Drilling Jet Mud Mixer

Drilling Jet Mud Mixer
Technical Parameters
Model GNSL150-45SGNSL150-35SGNSL100-25SGNSL100-25M
Matching PumpGNSB8×6 with 55kW
or 75kW Motor
GNSB6×5 with 45kW,
37kW or 30kW Motor
GNSB5×4 with
22kW Motor
SB4×3 with 15kW
or 11kW
Max. Capacity300m³/h(1320GPM)200m³/h(880GPM)90m³/h(396GPM)60m³/h(264GPM)
Nozzle Caliber 45mm35mm25mm25mm
Hopper Dimension600×600mm600×600mm500×500mm500×500mm
Burden Speed≤100kg/min≤80kg/min≤60kg/min≤40kg/min

Our drilling jet mud mixer is the newly designed device integrated with venturi hopper and mechanical seal jet mixing pump which are connected with manifold valve. Featuring simple structure and high practicability, it can work reliably and be moved conveniently. The product is mainly used for preparing and weighting drilling fluid through changing the density, viscosity and the condition of dehydration of the drilling fluid. If working with mud shear pump, it can show much greater performance. The product can also be customized to be a double jet mixing device to meet the needs of customers.

The drilling mud mixer can help operators to get the ideal drilling fluid with good properties by adding bentonite, polymer and other powder additives. As to the application of weighting the mud, the ability of the product to handle barite plays an even more important role. Meanwhile, the jet mixing pump and the hopper can be installed flexibly on a single skid, or on the skid at tank end or separately with the hopper on tank top and the pump at tank side. The flexible design can make the whole mud system compact and user friendly.

In addition, we are a professional exporter of drilling jet mud mixer for many foreign countries such as Russia and India. We also build good relations with famous oilfield companies in the countries of Turkey, Indonesia, UAE, Morocco and so on. Due to the reliable quality, leading technology in the industry and thoughtful service, our product is the ideal choice for customers.

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