Mud Shear Pump

Mud Shear Pump
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Mud shear pump is the newly designed equipment for fast mud configuration and processing. It can meet the requirements of customers with high-performance mud. The product can effectively mix and fully hydrate the material added into the drilling fluid, which can save the added polymer and shorten mud configuration time. As an ideal solid control device, the product can provide high quality drilling fluid for drilling process. It can shear the high polymer in the drilling mud to ensure the polymer can pass through the shale shaker screen.

Through special design, the impeller which is the main component of the mud shear pump has a wider flow path and smooth vanes. It can allow more drilling fluid to pass through the vane smoothly. Thus, the efficiency and energy consumption of the product reach up to international advanced level with 10% higher than that of the same product of other brand. Meanwhile, the product has a thicker shell than ordinary one, which can lead to less turbulence. Both the impeller and shell are made of high wear resistant cast iron. They can be used for a long time.

The shaft of the product is designed with high strength to bear certain load. Then, the deflection of the shaft can be reduced to some extent and the service lifetime of the seal can be prolonged. Meanwhile, the lubricant and lubricating grease are available for lubricating the shaft. Designed with special structure and made of special material, the oil seal of the product can work under the conditions with high and low temperature and completed environment. In addition, the product is produced with front opening structure for convenient installation, repair and maintenance.

With a hopper, mud gun and transfer line orifice plate available, the mud shear pump can be used as a belt driven or diesel driven package. Meanwhile, a complete system including skid, tank and piping is also available. Our product can meet the requirements of customers completely. It is highly praised by the customers at home and abroad for its high quality and attractive price. Customers having any purchase intention can contact us directly. It will be our honor to provide considerate service for you.

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