Flare Ignition Device

Flare Ignition Device
Technical Parameters
Nameplate/Diameter of TorchDN200mm
Ignition Voltage of Electric Igniter GDH-216kv
Ignition Frequency of Electric Igniter GDH2100-1000times/min
Burner Height3m
Power Supply of Electric Igniter GDH-2DC and AC
Built-in Storage Battery Type of Electric Igniter GDH-2JP-HSE-5-6

Developed by ourselves, the flare ignition device is the safety and environmental protection equipment for handling vented combustible gas. It is often applied to ignite and burn the harmful gas such as tail gas and vented natural gas in refinery and natural gas gathering and distribution station to avoid the harm to environment and safety of people. It can ignite the toxic combustible gas timely and accurately. Apart from being used in refinery and gas transmission station, the product can also be widely used in oil drilling engineering to work with drilling mud gas separator.

GN Solids Control is a professional flare ignition device manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including drilling mud cleaner, single screw pump, steel frame shaker screen, and more.

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