Single Screw Pump

Single Screw Pump
Technical Parameters
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The G series of single screw pump can be used as universal pump. It can run with low or high speed. The equipment can also be used in conjunction with drilling fluid decanter centrifuge. The rated pressure at outlet of the product can increase with the increase of the pump stage. The pressure increases 0.6MPa when the pump stage increases one.

The main components of the single screw pump are screw shaft which is the rotor and the screw shaft bushing which is the stator. Due to the special geometry of the two parts, two independent sealed cavities can be formed separately. The drilling fluid flows along the shaft. For slow inner flow speed, unchanged capacity and steady pressure, the vortex and agitating won't generate in the inner of the product. The shaft of the product is made stainless steel. We ca also customize the product with complete stainless steel body. Made of elastomeric material, the stator of the product performs well in transforming drilling fluid with high viscosity and containing hard suspended particles. The product can adjust speed through variable speed motor, triangle V belt, gear box and other components. The accessories of the product are not so much, which allows for compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance of the product. In addition, the wear parts of rotor and stator can be replaced easily.

Application Range
1. The single screw pump can be used in the area of environmental protection for transporting industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, muddy water containing solid particle and staple fiber. It is especially fit for the equipment of oil water separator, plate and frame filter press, etc.
2. The product can also be used in shipbuilding industry for bottom cleaning and the transportation for oil water, oil residue, oil sewage and more.
3. The equipment is often used in petroleum industry for conveying crude oil. It can also be employed for sucking the mixture of crude oil and water underground deeply and the mixture of coal field gas and water in coal field.
4. The product can also be applied for transporting various viscous fluid, emulsified mixture and ointment cosmetics in medicine and daily use chemical industries.
5. In food canning industry, the single screw pump is employed for conveying viscous starch, edible oil, honey, syrup, jam, cream, surimi, meat emulsion and the leftover.
6. The equipment is applicable in the brewing industry for the conveyance of various zymolytic viscous liquid, dense vinasse, food product slag, thick sauce, thick liquid and viscous liquid including bulk solid.
7. The product can also be used in construction industry for spraying and conveying cement mortar, lime slurry, painting and other pasty material.
8. In mining industry, the product can help to discharge the muddy water and drainage with solid particles included up to the ground.
9. As to the chemical industry, the equipment can be applied to convey a variety of suspension liquid, grease, colloidal slurries and adhesives.

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