Mud Tank

Mud Tank

We mainly produce the mud tank of square type and cone shaped type according to the shape of the tank bottom. The product is designed with galvanized grating and handrail. It is coated with corrosive resistant zinc. Meanwhile, the epoxy coating and painting are used to paint the inside of the product with two layers and outside of the product with three layers. The product is very compatible for mud circulation system.

The body of the mud tank is produced through welding steel plate and section steel. The slipping resistant steel plate and linear netted steel plate are employed to produce the surface and passage of the product. Meanwhile, the needed steel plate is processed with zinc dipping. The water pipeline is equipped to the surface of the tank for cleaning its surface and the equipment installed on the product. The ladder on the product is made of channel steel and the foot board is made of linear netted steel plate. The guard rail at two sides is mounted with safe suspension hook. Designed according to the standard, the product can be configured with canopy to prevent sand and rain. Meanwhile, the pipe installed in the product can preserve the heat in warm air.

We can also customize the mud tank to meet the needs of customers. We have advantages in many areas. Our company is located in Tangshan which is a main city of iron production. The raw material we adopt has high quality but low price. Meanwhile, we can get many working staffs with rich experience related to the industry. Furthermore, we reduce the production cost through outsourcing part of the processing work. So, our product is worthy of purchasing for its high quality with competitive price.

As a China-based mud tank manufacturer and supplier, GN Solids Control also offers shale shaker, drilling jet mud mixer, oilfield decanter centrifuge, and HDD & CBM mud recycling system, among others.

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