Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the first-phase main solids control equipment in drilling fluid processing system. It is mainly used for removing large solids from the drilling fluid through vibrating the solids when the drilling fluid flows to the screen of the product. Then, the processed drilling fluid can be further treated by other equipment to achieve finer solids removal. The product is a very important device because the cleanliness of the processed drilling fluid can influence the performance of the following solids control equipment.

Technical Parameters
Model GNZS852 GNZS703 GNZS853 GNZS703D
Number of Deck Single DeckDouble Deck
Vibrating Mode Linear Motion
Treating Capacity 350 GPM(80m3/h) 528 GPM(120m3/h) 615 GPM(140m3/h) 528GPM(120m3/h)
Motor Power 2×1.0Kw 2×1.5Kw 2×1.72Kw 2×1.94Kw
Vibrating Strength ≤7.5G (Adjustable) ≤7.0G (Adjustable)
Deck Adjustment -1°~3° -1°~5° -1°~5° -1°~5°
Power 380V/50HZ, 460V/60HZ or Customized
Shaker Screen 2 Panel 2.1m² 3 Panel 2.6m² 3 Panel 3.2m² Up:2.0m² Down:2.6m²
Weir Height Top Buffer Box Type:1042mm
Back Type:944mm
Low Profile:600mm
Dimension (Top Buffer Box) 1975×1884×1448mm 2403×1884×1448mm 2830×1884×1448mm 2403×1884×1448mm
Dimension (Back Buffer Box) 2283×1884×1340mm 2750×1884×1340mm 3180×1884×1340mm 2750×1884×1340mm
Weight 1200Kg 1390Kg 1650Kg 1740Kg
Remarks Treating capacity is tested with mud density of1.2g/cm³, viscosity of 45s, API 40 screen for single deck, API 20 upper screen and API 60 down screen for double deck.

Our GNZS series of linear motion shale shakers is produced by absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad and our own research and development. Optimized by using the technology of ANSYS limited element analysis, the compacted structure allows for small volume, light weight and easy maintenance of the product. The damping spring is made of metal and rubber composite material for a long life span. The adopted vibrating motor is from Italy with the famous OLI brand. Meanwhile, it meets the standards of IEC Ex and ATEX. The electrical component of the product is optional with the brands of Siemens and Schneider.

In addition, the mechanical deck of the product adopts high strength Q345 alloy material and is processed with heat treatment completely. Featuring reliability, it can be adjustable during the operation of the product. The screen of the product is designed with pyramid type and wedged type. The pyramid type screen can maximize effective screen area and the wedged type screen can achieve fast screens changing. Moreover, the Japanese Kansai paint with strong corrosive resistance is employed for the coating on the surface of the product.

We can also produce the shale shaker with double deck vibrating screens and triple deck vibrating screens to meet the special needs of customers. The relevant connecting manifold is also available. In accordance with current industry developing trend, we can provide the products of third generation linear motion type and fourth generation balanced elliptical type. With high praise from customers at home and abroad available, our product has been exported to the countries and regions of India, Russia, Middle East, etc.

As a specialized shale shaker manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer drilling fluid desander, oilfield decanter centrifuge, hook strip flat shaker screen, and more.

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