Mud Desilter

Mud Desilter
Technical Parameters
Desilter (without under shaker)Mini Cleaner(Desander)
Size of Hydrocyclone4 inches 4 inches4 inches4 inches4 inches
Number of Hydrocyclone81216812
Matching Pump Power30/37kw45/55kw55/75kw30/37kw45/55kw
Inlet Size6 inches6 inches6 inches6 inches6 inches
Outlet Size8 inches8 inches8 inches8 inches8 inches
Screen AreaN/A1.4m²
Size of the Separated Solid15-47μm

Note: The products with the model of GNZJ752-4N and GNZJ752-6N are available. Their processing capacities are 200GPM and 350GPM respectively. The mini cleaner with under shaker is our new type product of linear motion mini shaker with the model of GNZS752.

The mud desilter is the third phase solid control equipment for processing drilling fluid. It often adopts the hydrocyclone with the diameter of less than 6 inches. The equipment configured with the hydrocyclone with the diameter of greater than 6 inches is desander. The product for removing the mud generally uses the hydrocyclone with the diameter of 4 and 5 inches to separate the solid particles with the size of 15 to 47μm from drilling fluid. In line with the amount of the drilling fluid needed to be processed, we can customize the proper product with several groups of hydrocyclones to meet the needs of customers.

1. Our mud desilter adopts 4-inche hydrocyclone and can separate the solids with the size between 15 to 47μm.
2. It is designed with clamp type for easy maintenance and compact structure allowing for small volume.
3. The shutoff stainless steel ball valve is optional for customers. It is installed on the inlet of each hydrocyclone to allow for removal and inspection of individual hydrocyclone without interrupting the normal operation of the product.
4. The inlet pipe links with the hydrocyclone tangentially to form a narrow rectangular entry, which can minimize turbulence in the upper part to permit the solids moving quickly to the wall of the hydrocyclone.
5. The material for the hydrpcyclone of the product is 100% PU, which can lead to a longer service lifetime.
6. With the flexible fast connection available, the product can be assembled conveniently.

As a Chinese mud desilter exporter for the countries and regions such as India, Russia and Middle East, we are also the supplier of American Oilfield Company and Century International Oilfield Equipment LLC of UAE. Our company is approved by ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Meanwhile, we have established a complete sales network in many countries with meticulous services available. Customers can get our unrivaled product with the preferable price.

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