Drilling Mud Cleaner

Drilling Mud Cleaner
Technical Parameters
Model GNZJ852-1S8N GNZJ703-2S12N GNZJ853-3S16N
Treating Capacity 500GPM 1000GPM 1500GPM
Hydrocyclone of Desilter4 inches ×8 4 inches×12 4 inches×16
Hydrocyclone of Desander10 inches×1ea 10 inches×2 10 inches×3
Vibrating Mode Linear Motion
Matching Shaker GNZS852 GNZS703 GNZS853
Shaker Motor 2×1.5kW2×1.72kW 2×1.72kW
Screen Area 2.1m2 2.6m2 3.2m2
Screen of Deck 2 Panel 3 Panel 3 Panel
Remarks The processing capacities of the 4-inch and 10-inch hydrocyclones equal to 50 to 75GPM and 400 to 528GPM respectively.

As one of the important equipment for solid liquid separation system, the drilling mud cleaner, also called desander and desilter assembly, mainly consists of three parts including desander, desilter and the underflow screen. It can achieve separation of two stage with the hydrocyclone mounted over the shale shaker. Compared with the independent desander and desilter, the product has much higher working efficiency. Same as the shale shaker in function, the equipment is designed rationally with compact structure, small volume and powerful performance.

Our drilling mud cleaner can achieve drying solids being matched with our own advanced shale shaker. Meanwhile, the wedged type shaker screen allows for fast screen changing. The hydrocyclone of the desander and desilter is made of 100% PU and its number is set according to the needs of customers. With the hydrocyclone for desilter of clamp type and stainless steel ball valve available, the product can be maintained easily. Furthermore, the Italian OLI brand vibrating motor is compliant with ATEX and IEC Ex. The damping spring made of metal and rubber composite material can have a long life span. In addition, the mechanical deck can be adjusted for reliable performance during the operation of product.

The drilling mud cleaner is the cost-effective second class and third class solid control equipment in oil and gas well drilling fluid processing system as well as in HDD mud recycling system. It can process both weighted and unweighted drilling fluid system by separating and drying solids with the needed fluid left for further processing. After the processing via hydrocyclones of desander and desilter, the primary separation with underflow directs onto the vibrating screen of shaker. If the product is used correctly, both the cost of drilling fluid and disposal can be reduced largely.

Being a professional solid control equipment manufacturer in China, we have passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our product has been exported to many countries and regions. We are also the supplier for oilfield companies of foreign countries such as America. With the sales network and service center established in many countries, our high cost-effective product is the preferable choice for you.

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