Mini Mud Cleaner

Mini Mud Cleaner

The mini mud cleaner is designed with innovative technology. It can process both weighted and unweighted drilling fluid. However, the traditional desander and desilter with no shale shaker can only process unweighted drilling fluid. Compared with ordinary type product, our mini product has smaller size and rather cheaper price. The mini mud cleaner is the cost effective equipment with great advantages for small mud processing system in HDD, CBM, water well drilling, mining exploration and more.

Technical Parameters
Desilter Not ApplicableNot Applicable4×4 inches6×4 inches8×4 inches12×4 inches
Desander 1×10 inches2×10 inchesNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Feed Pump30/37kW45/55 kW11/15 kW22 kW30/37 kW45/55 kW
Separation40-75 microns15-25 microns
Screen SizeAPI 120API 150
Technical Parameters of GNZS752 Linear Motion Shaker
ModelCapacity MotorScreen AreaScreen QuantityG ForceDeck Adjustment
GNZS752150GPM2×0.75kW1.4 m²2 panels7.5

Note: The processing capacity is tested under the conditions of API 40 with mud density and viscosity of 1.2 g/cm³ and 45s respectively. The overall dimension of the shaker is with the top buffer box of 1650×1260×1077mm and back buffer box of 2000×1260×1205mm. The weight of shaker is 750kg.

We are a professional mini mud cleaner manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide pyramid shale shaker screen, vertical cutting dryer, shale shaker, HDD & CBM mud recycling system, and more.

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