Mud Decanter Centrifuge

Mud Decanter Centrifuge
Technical Parameters
Centrifuge ModelGNLW452SGNLW363G
Centrifuge Capacity (Normal)176GPM (40m3/h)132GPM (30m3/h)400GPM (90m3/h)
Bowl Diameter450mm360mm550mm
Bowl Length1100mm1270mm1800mm
Beach Angle
Effluent Ports6 Adjustable6 Adjustable6 Adjustable
Max Bowl Speed2200RPM3900RPM3200RPM
Typical Bowl Speed1800RPM3200RPM(Fixed)
G-Force (Max)122030603150
Main Drive HP40HP40HP75HP
Conveyor TypeAxialAxialAxial
Gearbox Ratio57:157:157:1
Back Dive HP15HP10HP20HP
Gearbox Torque (Max)5000 N/m4000 N/m7500 N/m

Mud decanter centrifuge is the solid control equipment of final phase. It is used after the equipment of shale shaker, degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner and other related equipment. The product can process drilling fluid of weighted type, unweighted type, water-based type and oil-based type. By using mechanical energy to increase gravitational force up to over 3000 which is applied on the solids, it can separate both heavy and fine solids from drilling fluid. When working with the other solid control equipment, the product shows great superiority in keeping proper mud weight and viscosity. Then, the drilling fluid can meet the requirements of oil drilling completely.

Working Principle
The mud decanter centrifuge separates the suspending drilling fluid by using centrifugal action. The suspending fluid enters into the rotor drum from feed pipe through fluid outlet hole of spiral feeder. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid particles are pushed to the inner wall of rotor drum. Then, through vanes of spiral feeder, the solid particles can be pushed to small end of rotor drum and discharged from the slag removal hole. The fluid is excreted from the overflow hole of large end. Through continuous circulation like this, the purpose of continuous separation can be achieved.

Our high speed effective mud decanter centrifuge is developed with the support of Southwest Petroleum University in technology. It can be designed with big bowl, big volume and high G force. The stainless steel is employed to produce the main body with the collection box of the product. The stainless steel made spiral feeder can be welded with tungsten alloy tile or coated with ceramics. Meanwhile, the replaceable tungsten alloy ring or ceramics are available for protecting solid discharge port.

The mud decanter centrifuge adopts the bearing with the brand of German FAG or Swedish SKF. The electrical components are optional with the brands of Siemens or Schneider. They are certified with ATEX and IEC Ex. Furthermore, the product has three overload safety protection devices including gear box, hydraulic coupler and the control panel with over current protection. In addition, the feeding pump can be screw type or centrifugal type for meeting the different application of customers.

We have the product of high-speed type, variable speed type and fully variable-speed type as well as the whole set of solid control equipment for customers to choose. Produced in accordance with the standard of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, our product can provide high fluid cycling rate and efficient solid control to reduce the total mud cost and limit waste disposal amount. As the ideal drilling fluid processing equipment, our product is exported to many countries and regions and obtains high evaluation from customers.

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