Drilling Mud Gas Separator

Drilling Mud Gas Separator
Non-lift Type Product Lift Type Product
Technical Parameters
Model GNZYQ1000G
Main Body Diameter1000mm
Inlet Pipe4 inches
Size of Mud Output Pipe10 inches
Size of Gas Discharge Pipe8 inches

Drilling mud gas separator, also called liquid gas separator, is very important for protecting security of drilling process in which large volume of natural gas or sour gas may come into the drilling fluid. If the drilling fluid is invaded with gas, its specific gravity and viscosity would change largely. Then, drilling fluid is not qualified to meet the requirements of well drilling. It may contribute to well kick and even the blowout accident. By working with flare ignition device, the product can guarantee smooth progress of the whole drilling process. So, the product is an ideal device for mud recycling system to prevent invasion of gas.

According to the pressure, the drilling mud gas separator can be divided into normal pressure type and pressure auto-control type. Our product is produced in accordance with the standards of API and ISO. It can ensure continued drilling in unbalanced conditions that pressure surge occurs normally. By using the product, the large pocket of gas can be removed from the drilling fluid to avoid potential danger. The gas-cut mud enters into the product and hits a series of baffle plates to increase the exposed surface area. Then, the gas can be separated from the drilling fluid and travels to the flare line at the top of the product to be vented at a safe distance with further process.

As an experienced drilling mud gas separator manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only solids control equipment, but also HDD & CBM mud recycling system, shale shaker screen, drilling waste management equipment, and more.

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