Hi-G Dryer Shaker

Hi-G Dryer Shaker
Technical Parameters
Model GNZS853HG
Vibration Mode Linear Motion
Treating Capacity 140m3/h (615GPM), API40
Motor Power 2×1.72kW
Vibration Strength 7.5G (Adjustable)
Deck Adjustment -1°~5°
Shaker Screen Area 3.2m2
Deck Length2550mm
Weir HeightBuffer box top type:1042mm, back type:944mm
Dimension2830×1884×1448mm (top feed)
3180×1884×1340mm (back feed)
RemarksTreating capacity is tested with mud 1.2g/cm3 and viscosity 45s.

Hi-G dryer shaker has long shaker deck and large capacity, and it is designed for waste management of drilling cuttings from primary solids control equipment such as shale shaker, desander and desilter. Our product can dry the solids for transportation, and then further treatment for the fluids is able to be executed. Its screen area is 3.2m2, and the screen length on the deck is 2550mm with 3 panel shaker screens. This equipment is able to run at 7.5G, and the G force can be set at different values according to specific working condition. In addition, the vibration mode is linear motion, and BEM is an optional choice. After the drilling mud cutting is processed with our Hi-G dryer shaker, the fluids will be treated by the oilfield decanter centrifuge. In this way, the useful drilling mud is recycled, and the cutting disposal cost is also cut down.

1. Design: ANSYS finite element analysis is applied to optimize the structure of Hi-G dryer shaker.
2. Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI Brand which meets IEC Ex and ATEX standards.
3. Electrical Components: Siemens and Schneider.
4. Deck: Q345 high strength alloy is used to produce the deck, and the entire shaker deck is processed with heat treatment. The mechanical deck is adjustable during operation which guarantees the reliable performance.
5. Steel frame pyramid shaker screen is adopted to maximize effective screen area.
6. The wedged type shaker screen allows convenient and fast screen change.
7. Metal and rubber composite material is applied to manufacture dumping spring, and the long service life is guaranteed.
8. Surface painting and coating adopt heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint.

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