Drilling Waste Management Equipment

Drilling waste management equipment contains Hi-G dryer shaker, vertical cutting dryer and oilfield decanter centrifuge. These products adopt drying and centrifugation methods to separate solid particle from liquid in the soil/mud, and then the solid particle is removed. In this way, the liquid can be reused which facilitates the drilling process. The size and main motor power of Hi-G dryer shaker are 2780×2080×2450mm and 45kW, respectively, and this equipment is able to process raw material at the speed of 30-50 tons per hour. The working efficiency of vertical cutting dryer is similar to Hi-G dryer shaker, but it uses centrifugal force generated by mechanical rotating process to realize the separation between solid and liquid in the mixture. In addition, both the liquid and solid are set at specific positions for transportation which allow the continuous work of this machine. On the other hand, oilfield decanter centrifuge shares a similar working principle with vertical cutting dryer, but it has higher rotation speed and improved separation capacity whose maximum value is 400GPM(90m3/h). We can supply various drilling waste management equipment with different working modes and efficiency, and welcome to choose our products based on your working condition.

GN Solids Control is an experienced drilling waste management equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide solids control equipment, HDD & CBM mud recycling system, shale shaker screen, and more.

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