Steel Frame Shaker Screen

Steel Frame Shaker Screen

The steel frame shaker screen is often used for screening the drilling fluid. It is mainly composed of steel frame and 2 to 3 layers of stainless steel meshes. The steel frame is produced by welding high strength rectangular steel tube or flat steel. Meanwhile, several bars of stiffeners are available for structure supporting. The screen mesh can be linked with the frame through metal lining or adhered to the frame directly. We can offer the product with different dimensions to meet the needs of customers.

Technical Parameters
Brand and Model of ShakerMeshDimension
Approx. Weight Number of Layer Screen MaterialFrame Material
MI-Swaco MongooseAPI 20 - API 4001165×585×45mm12 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
MI-Swaco D380API 20 - API 4001180×712×30mm14 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
NOV Brandt CobraAPI 20 - API 40025×49.3125×1 inches34±1pound2 or 3 SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
Brandt VSM300 Scalping TypeAPI 20 - API 40037×26.625×1.5 inches12 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
Brandt VSM300 Primary TypeAPI 20 - API 40035×27×1.5 inches11 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
Brandt VSM300 Secondary Type (Dryer Panel)API 20 - API 4008×27 inches4.3 kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel

Note: The table shows the detailed information of our steel frame shaker screens. The specific dimension and details can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers. The weight listed in the table is the average level of the product with the same model.

1. Configured with high strength steel frame, stiffeners and screen mesh with moderate tension, the performance of the steel frame shaker screen is enhanced largely in strength, service lifetime and flow of drilling fluid that the product can bear.
2. The mesh numbers of the furnished screen meshes are different. Through combining the screen meshes correctly and appropriately, the screening effect can be improved greatly.
3. The wedged rapid tensioning device allows for more convenient installation of the product. The time for stopping the machine to replace the product can be saved.
4. The screen mesh is divided into a number of small independent meshes to avoid local damage and excessive expansion. Meanwhile, the special rubber is available for repairing damage, which can save time and reduce using cost.

As a professional steel frame shaker screen manufacturer in China, we provide not only shale shaker screen, but also solids control equipment, HDD & CBM mud recycling system, drilling waste management equipment, and more.

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