Pyramid Shale Shaker Screen

Pyramid Shale Shaker Screen

The screen mesh of the pyramid shale shaker screen is designed with wavy shape. It is bonded with the metal lining closely with the installation mode of steel frame or hook strip wedge clamping device. Compared to the flat type mesh with same specification, the pyramid mesh has much larger effective area by 25% to 50%. Thus, the amount of drilling fluid that can be processed is increased largely. For the mesh numbers of the screen meshes are different, rational and correct combination of screen meshes can get finer screening effect. In addition, we can produce the pyramid shale shaker screen with different specifications and dimensions to meet the needs of customers.

Technical Parameters
Brand and Model of ShakerMeshDimension
Approx. Weight Number of Layer Screen MaterialFrame Material
Derrick 500 SeriesAPI 20-API 4001050×695mm7.5kg2 or 3SS304 or SS316Carbon Steel
Derrick 2000 SeriesAPI 20- API 4001053×697mm5.8 kg2 or 3SS304Carbon Steel

Note: Customers can find the two products in the market. The weight list in the table represents the average level of the products with same model. The dimension of the product is offered by customers. Meanwhile, the specific dimension and details can be adjusted according to the requirements of order.

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